Hello and welcome!

Audrey and Zach Alas Bookkeeping + Consulting LLC is the solution for your bookkeeping and inventory needs. Specializing in the Oregon cannabis industry we provide your business with support in navigating around the intricacies of 280e, METRC, and the tightly regulated inventory requirements. We are Oregon grown and based with almost a decade worth of experience in the complex cannabis industry, making our firm well suited to meet the custom needs of any business.

Working With You

Believing that small businesses work best when they help each other succeed. We strive to be a part of that successful equation for you and your business. Offering services designed to save you and your business valuable time and resources by addressing your individual needs.

Rather than take advantage of the fledgling cannabis industry, we aim to work with and alongside you. Our ambition is to help small businesses navigate and grow within the unique federal and state laws that the industry is governed by. We'd love to show you how Alas can help your business find its wings and soar. Book an appointment today and your first 30-minute consultation is on us!