Business Management


  • Service starting @ $75 per hour
  • $1,000 prepaid retainer applied to your account after 6 months or last invoice, whichever comes first
  • Retainer not required to engage Alas Bookkeeping + Consulting LLC services, however, clients who have prepaid retainer will receive priority service
  • If interested in a monthly flat fee, email


QuickBooks Training

Whether you use QuickBooks Online or Desktop, we will sit down with you to guide you through understanding how to get everything out of your financials that will help you manage your business with informed decisions.

Analyze Financials for Accuracy

Sometimes you just need the peace of mind, from a third party, that your books are being done accurately and in compliance with 280e. We will go through your books with a fine-tooth comb and send you a report on the current status of your books.

Management and Workflow Consultation

Are you looking for a general overview on how to set up and run your business? Or just a little help sorting out details? We are a guiding hand to help fill in details and set you up with the tools to succeed.

Setup or Review Accounting Systems

There isn't a blanket software system that works for every business. We are happy to guide you through all your options so you can choose the system that best works for your company.

If you already have your software of choice but are unsure of how to set up your chart of accounts, we can help you understand and customize that to your unique business needs.

Bookkeeping Training

This service is for those who want an in-house bookkeeper or for owners wanting to tackle the job themselves. This training session will dive into 280e and the funky rules that are unique to the industry. It is an all-day session for those looking to understand 280e, and two full days for those looking to gain basic bookkeeping skills as well. More time can be available upon request.

Employee File Management

Labor laws are plentiful, and many employers aren't aware of many of them. We are here to help you set up your employee files in a way that leaves you feeling confident that you'll have no issues should an inspection come your way.

Budget Preparation

Feeling a pinch? Not sure where your money is going or what bill to pay next? We will review your books, cash flow, and work alongside you, or independently, to create a budget plan to help ease the financial stress on your business and allow it to grow.

Receipt and File Management

Are you the type who can't find a receipt to save your life? We've seen it and heard it a million times. Sadly, if there is no receipt, there is no business write off and it is "wasted" money. We will help you design an action plan to manage your receipts and give you the tools to maintain those records moving forward.

Staff Compliance Training

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of regulations in place? Worried that you may be out of compliance in any aspect of your business? We can help educate you and your staff so that you feel confident the entirety of your business is operating compliantly and that you will not run afoul of any regulatory agency.