Inventory Management


  • Service starting @ $85 per hour
  • $2,500 - $5,000 prepaid retainer applied to your account after 6 months or last invoice, whichever comes first
  • Retainer not required to engage Alas Bookkeeping + Consulting LLC services, however, clients who have prepaid retainer will receive priority service
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METRC Training

There is no avoiding METRC in the cannabis industry and a solid understanding of its use is essential to the compliant operation of any business. Correctly reporting your inventory to the state is everyone's goal, but for many of us a hands-on, guided approach to understanding is the most helpful. We offer sit down training to teach you the ins and outs of the tracking system used by the state so that you may confidently run your business.

Inventory Control and Tracking

Accurate inventory control is paramount in any retail setting. We offer businesses a leg up by meeting your inventory needs. Whether that be combing your inventory and reconciling it with your METRC or through helping you develop systems to track inventory in your store for yourself. We have years of experience in inventory control and would love to pass that experience on to you.

Compliant Inventory Training

Regulations around inventory reporting and storage are one of the biggest headaches faced by our industry. We will help you make sense of the regulations and develop operating procedures that ensure your business remains compliant within an ever-changing legal landscape.

Product Knowledge

Are you comfortable with your understanding of tracking inventory but find yourself struggling to find the right products for your customers? Let us use our contacts within the industry to help you fully stock your shelves and meet with vendors who can supply you with products your customers are begging you for.

Standard Operating Procedures

Looking to develop a standard operating procedure for your facility to make sure that inventory is being accurately tracked by everyone? Looking to maximize your staff's time and effort? Let's work together to develop a plan for your business in a way that best fits with how it operates.

Inventory Forecasting

Looking to stream line your business to avoid stockpiles of slow-moving products? Let us help you learn the skills to keep up with an ever-changing market and ensure you only bring in the products that you will be able to sell. Customers and employees alike will appreciate the fresh feeling every time they walk through the door.

Inventory Reporting

We can help you make sure you are ready for the end of year tax season by helping you pull the reports you'll need to report all the inventory in your facility. Or maybe you need help inventorying your facility at the end of the year? We can help guide you through an efficient process of compiling those numbers and how to use them for future reporting.