What's in Our Name?

Bookkeeping and Business Management
image Audrey has always loved the saying 'alis volat propriis' which is Latin for 'she flies with her own wings.' It also happens to be the Oregon state motto!

Who knew?!
She didn't.

As native Oregonians it made it all that more special.

Zach has an affinity for birds having spent many hard-working years training wild raptors and tending to a wildlife education program in the Willamette Valley.

When they put their heads together, they were curious which part of the old Latin saying meant 'wings' and Google told them that 'alas' was Latin for wings! They instantly loved it for the double play on words.

It's also fun because it's AB+C.   smiley face

Discover Your Wings

Their motto 'Discover your wings' was brought to life by their deep-rooted passion for helping one business owner at a time feel the freedom of knowledge beneath their wings.