About Zach

Zach Heesch Zach Heesch is a native and proud Oregonian with a diverse work history. Having spent time working as an auto mechanic, poker dealer, trainer of wild birds of prey, and educator. Having attended schools in North Carolina and back home at Oregon State University. Zach has met and learned from people of all walks of life. These experiences make him the perfect candidate to work with the many characters in the cannabis industry, as we all come from a wide range of backgrounds yet share a common love.

A respect for the cannabis industry came early as a caregiver for his uncle battling Crohn's disease. A degenerative disease that slowly and painfully destroys the digestive tract, leading to many surgeries and a life expectancy rarely exceeding 45 years old. Seeing first-hand the ability of cannabis to help a loved one with a deteriorating condition transform back into a healthy, now 52 year old human being who has, in recent years, been declared as in remission with a higher quality of life than he's seen in decades!

Zach wants to see the cannabis industry remain in the hands of those who have poured their life and soul into helping others find this relief as well. You, the small business owners, have built this industry into what it is today, and Zach wants to see you keep everything you have worked so hard to achieve. The ability of this industry to spread compassion is what makes it so special, and why we all need to work together to maintain that sense of community.