Services Overview

At Alas Bookkeeping + Consulting LLC we offer expert customer service designed to provide you with the best value for your money and can work with your budget to find the best solution to your business needs. Specializing in the Oregon cannabis industry we provide your business with support in navigating around the intricacies of 280e, METRC, and the tightly regulated inventory requirements.

We eagerly deliver the quality and integrity that your growing business deserves. Book an appointment and we will demonstrate the value that we can bring to your business.
  • Bookkeeping – Anything from bringing years' worth of books up to date to general maintenance; let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you to fulfill your unique needs. Rates starting at $65 per hour. Learn more.

  • Business Management – Being a small business comes with owners wearing many hats and figuring out how to wear those hats as you go along. We are here to help your growing business handle pesky background details that no one wants to think about, but everyone needs. Rates starting at $75 per hour. Learn more.

  • Inventory Management – We love helping businesses understand the complexities of inventory control and how to develop systems for tracking and control that fit their needs. Accurate inventory control is essential in our industry and we want to help ease any stress it's causing. Rates starting at $85 per hour. Learn more.

  • Educational Workshops – Years of prohibition stifled the knowledge many people need to make their own decisions in a new and ever-changing industry. We offer courses for industry members and the general public to raise awareness of the science behind cannabis and how you can make appropriate decisions regarding your own relationship with it. Rates vary by class, group rates may apply, please see individual descriptions for more details. Learn more.

Our Track Record

Alas Bookkeeping + Consulting has a history of bringing efficiency and value to every business we've worked alongside. We absolutely love solving complicated puzzles and find true pleasure in providing value to our local small business peers. Our motto is more than just a catchy saying, it is an ideal that we live by and something we bring to every service we provide.

Samantha Christensen, Head Chef, Sweet Red Bistro, says this about using Alas Bookkeeping + Consulting services:

"Whether you're a small business starting out or have been running for a while, chances are you haven't found better additions to your organizational team than Zach and Audrey. When working with these two, I was constantly impressed with their innovation and ability to work in restrictive circumstances.

I've seen Audrey take actual totes full of loose invoices, receipts, payroll documents, monthly bills, leases, and shape them into easily findable, accessible, and coherent ledgers. Do you need a budget set up, or a way to figure out how to balance your expenses versus your profit? Audrey's your girl. Follow her advice, and you'll be in a secure and monetarily sensible place that will put your mind at ease. She is always ready to do the right thing, and if something isn't working within the confines of your needs, she will make adjustments as necessary.

Inventory is... well if you've dealt with it then you know what it is. Somehow, the task of making sure you have what you need, and not too much of it generally ends up on one person - a person who probably already has a lot of other things on their plate. Nothing can be more frustrating than finding out there's a hole in your supplies in the middle of a busy work day, especially when you just ordered that thing… how long ago was it? Zach can fix those problems. Finding ways to easily document which products come and go the fastest and where there may be loss and how to prevent it is one of Zach's super powers. Talk about efficiency; even the most finicky point of sale software is no match for his problem solving abilities. Having worked for a few small businesses, I know that bookkeeping and inventory management are some of the most stressful parts of keeping a business running. They're also the least thought about by your employees and customers and can often get pushed to the wayside, which can eventually render some pretty serious consequences. Let Zach and Audrey help you with those problems - either before they get started or before they get worse.

They're both easy to work with, personable, and willing to do what it takes to get things running smoothly and correctly. Not only all those great things I mentioned before, but they're also fun and get along with just about everyone! You won't regret using their services one bit."
– Samantha Christensen, Head Chef, Sweet Red Bistro